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Ponta do Ouro Accommodation - You will find places to stay, Restaurants to eat at, Activities, Rules and Regulations for fishing, quad bikes, jet skis, Border information. Reservations for Camping, Self catering and B&B. +27 114653427

Ponta Do Ouro - 'Point of Gold'. It is a place of great natural beauty, a place where a huge natural dune, covered with lush indigenous vegetation, juts out aggressively into the warm Indian Ocean, creating a sheltered bay hugging a magnificent, unspoilt beach.
As one ambles along the beach in the early morning, the sun slowly rises out of the sea. Everything momentarily glows with a warm, golden hue and it becomes abundantly clear where the name 'Ponta D' Ouro' - 'Point of Gold' - comes from.

Ponta do Ouro Weather : Mozambique enjoys an average of 8 hours sunshine per day with a warm and tropical climate. Even in mid-winter the weather along the coast is sunny and warm.

Ponta do Ouro has the most awesome weather all year round and amazingly when you live here you find the winters @ 13 Deg C cold in the evenings especially if you have been actively involved in the sea all day.

The best times of the year for Holidays is from March to July when the conditions are pretty calm although we could still be affected by tropical storms.
From August to November can be quite windy with strong North Easterly winds making great kiteboarding conditions.
Surfers tend to come here from January to July when we have big swells caused by tropical cyclones (generally from January - April) but soon the cold fronts hitting Cape Town in South Africa generate swell and hopefully turn the swell South East, which hits the point perfectly for some epic surfing.

Ponta do Ouro Accommodation takes reservations for the following resorts: Beach Front House, Cafe Batuque, Coconut View Resort, Coco Rico Resort, Gala Gala Eco Lodge, Kaya Kweru Resort, Kaya Kweru Self Catering, Mar E Sol Complex, Ntsuty Lodge, Ocean View Cabanas, Paraiso do Ouro Resort, Phambuka Beach Camp, Ponta do Ouro Holiday Villa, Praia de Ouro Sul, Tandje Beach Resort and Camp, Tri M Wave Lodge.

Ponta do Ouro Accommodation is a division of Mozambique Connection, specialist in Mozambique Reservation. Why use us - No booking fee's, rates are the same as booking direct. We have all the information of accommodation in the area with updated photos and rates. If a resort you requested is fully booked, we will check if others in the area are available for you. Ponta do Ouro Specials available for selected dates. Contact us.

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Ponta do Ouro Accommodation

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Beach Front House
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Coco Rico Resort
Coconut View Resort
Gala Gala Eco Lodge
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