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Ponta do Ouro Rules and Regulations

Ponta do Ouro Information, Rules and Regulations on Quad Bikes, Vehicles, Marine Reserve, Boats, Jet skis, Fishing, beach and dune. Ponta do Ouro Accommodation and Reservations +27 11 465 3427.

Police - Contact : Commandant Sidique Bilo on
+258-84-748-4177 - Ponta do Ouro police have a zero tolerance for all inappropriate behavior especially where regulations are being contravened. At ALL times respect them (as you should all the locals) if they request papers from you for your vehicle passports etc., which you should always keep with you. Many people have been thrown in jail after a few drinks for disrespecting the police and have spent the night in jail and paid heavy fines for this! The police station can be found by turning right at the intersection before you hit the centre of town at the top of the hill and is on your right about 200 meters down the road driving South.

Marine Reserve - Contact Miguel Gonclaves on
+258- 82-727-6434.
The official headquarters of the Partial Marine reserve is found past the police station on your left probably about 1/2km on your left hand side.

Quad Bikes & Vehicles -
star Make sure you have the necessary documents with you before arriving at the border
star Please keep to a slow speed, 20km in town and residential areas and 40km/h outside the residential areas. And be especially careful around blind corners!
star There are small children and animals on the road so be careful as you will be in serious trouble if you knock someone down and it is fatal!
star No drinking and driving, which everyone does here - be careful as there are heavy fines.
star Drive slowly here and respect the locals who might have no choice but to walk in the road, might not hear you approaching etc. This is their town and they are not as fortunate as you to drive a car so please respect them and take your time and thank them for moving out of the way. This is the real africa!
star No under 18 drivers.
star No Quad bikes after 22:00 hours.
star Please keep to existing roads and do not venture onto the dunes or untouched vegetation, thereby minimising your impact on the environment. Keep in mind this was a war zone and undetected land mines might still be in the region.
star Vehicles without silencers are not allowed in built up areas.
star All drivers must have a valid drivers license with them at all times including your passport, registration and temporary import and third party insurance papers.
star No Quad Bikes or Motor Bikes are allowed in the Special Maputo Elephant reserve.
star Offenders will have their vehicles confiscated if any of the above is disregarded.
star Tricks, doughnuts and wheelies are not permitted.
star No Driving on the beach is permitted.
star Only vehicles launching and retrieving boats or jetski’s are allowed on the beach in the launch site. Not adhering to this law may result in a 20,000 Mts spot fine (+-R7,000). Please ensure you are totally familiar with the laws and regulations before towing your vessel into the launch area.
star Be aware of swimmers and other bay users and keep children under supervision at all times while watching for boats that might be returning to the beach.

Boats, Jet Skis and Fishing (including Spear Fishing) -
star All Vessels require a launch permit - obtain yours from the Port captain on your arrival at a costs of 600 Mts (Boats); 500 Mts (Jetski’s). You can find the Port Captains office on the lower road heading out of town north 200 meters past the petrol station on the left hand side of the road.
star Boats and JetSki’s are not permitted within 300m of Whales and Dolphins.
star No Launching of Jet Skis other than fishing ones is permitted - this is under review for now so please check for updates on a regular basis as it could be strictly enforced in the near future.
star Do not discard any rubbish overboard.
star Catching of bottom fish, sharks and marine mammals is prohibited.
star Feeding of Dolphins is prohibited
star Sale of Fish is prohibited.
star Ten fish per per person(licensed) per species may be landed.
star Billfish if landed and not released (preferably) incur a charge of 150 Meticais / fish when you return to beach.
star Jetskis are NOT allowed to play in the bay, launch site or swim areas and must remain at least 100 meters from the low water mark. Please stay clear of bathers, surfers, kite boarders and marine mammals.

Basic Marine Rules & Regulations concerning Boats and Jet skis -
star You require a temporary permit to import your vehicle, Boat, Jetski, Quad Bikes or trailer.
Fees Licenses and Permits -
Third Party Insurance
star Vehicles : R 150.00
star Trailers : R 80.00
Licenses Documentation required
star Valid Skippers license
star Valid Seaworthy/Fitness certificate for vessel
star Safety Equipment as per seaworthy requirements in South Africa.
star Licenses per vessel.
star All vessels require a launch permit valid for a period of maximum 30 days.
star Vessels Boats : Mts 600
star Jet Ski’s : Mts 500
star Fishing Licenses (Per Angler not vessel)
star Boat / Jet ski : Mts 400
star Rock & Surf : Mts 400
star Spear Fishing : Mts 500

Bill Fish - Marlin and Sailfish require a tax to be paid if brought to shore Mts 150 per fish. We urge you though to please catch and release to ensure this sport can entertain you for the years to come.

Beach and Dunes -
star No climbing of any dunes is permitted especially the ones at the point, which we are trying to rehabilitate.
star Please do not leave your litter on the beach after a great day in the sun or evening sundowners. These beaches are kept clean by the same people that take you out on diving trips and dolphin encounters as there is no municipal system in place.

Marine Life - The area from the Ponta do Ouro border to the Maputo river mouth is a marine protected area. Please follow the specie specific code of conduct including the basic rules below :
star Turtles - do not approach nesting turtles or hatchlings as this is only permitted by Turtle Monitors.
star Dolphin and Whales - Swimming with Marine mammals is not permitted unless with a registered operator. Do not approach within 300 meters.
star Sharks - The feeding / chumming for sharks is not permitted and only one vessel is allowed within the 150 meters where contact is made with Whale Sharks.

Scuba Diving - There are numerous Scuba diving companies that have concessions as you have in Sodwana that may take tourists out to the various dive coral reefs. You may not bring your own private boat here to take your own students or paying guests out. The Scuba diving companies are the only scuba diving companies in the area permitted to take anyone on a Scuba dive.

Culture & Community - Please respect the local community and keep in mind you are not in South Africa any more and are now hosted by people who have had a rough life and deserve to be treated respectfully. Respect their privacy, cultural heritage, habits, and traditions and we assure you they will be more than willing to please you.
Respect their property boundaries and private properties and do not think you can go anywhere you wish even in town in the old dilapidated buildings as the owners sometimes still live in these ruins.

General - Litter is a huge problem here in Ponta do Ouro so please do not throw bottles, cigarette boxes etc out of your car windows as there is no cleaning refuse collection agency here resulting in the few business in the region having to regularly do huge cleanups. Join to volunteer your services when you are in town if we are doing one of our regular beach, town or roads cleanup.

Please observe al the rules and regulations.
All rates are subject to change.

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Ponta do Ouro Accommodation is a division of Mozambique Connection, specialist in Mozambique Reservation. Why use us - No booking fee's, rates are the same as booking direct. We have all the information of accommodation in the area with updated photos and rates. If a resort you requested is fully booked, we will check if others in the area are available for you. Ponta do Ouro Specials available for selected dates. Contact us.

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Ponta do Ouro Rules and Regulations

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